Seven Weird Facts About Dentists

Dentists: weird facts1. After witnessing the electrocution of a drunk man, dentists Alfred Southwick from Buffalo, USA, had the idea which later led to the creation of the modern “electric chair”, which was first used for execution in the USA in 1890.

2. Due to the fact that tooth enamel is comprised mainly from the mineral hydroxyapatite, it is the hardest material in a human body.

3. One of the most quintessential items of modern society- toothpaste- was actually only invented in 1900, and, at that time, contained mainly hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

4. In the 11st century the “dentists” of the time, believed that washing the mouth with wine and rubbing the gums with linen until they bleed was the ideal routine for dental hygiene.

5. The first mouthwash is believed to have been invented by “dentists” in China around 2700BC.

6. The bow drill, as you may still see on TV being used to make fire on survival shows, was one of the earliest dental tools, and was used as early as 7000BC to drill out cavities by “dentists” in the Bronze Age.

7. Despite the fact that modern dental floss was invented nearly 200 years ago by Levi Spear Palmy in 1815, even now as little as 10 percent of Americans use floss on a daily basis.

Picture by: Internet Archive Book Images