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Frequently Asked Questions.

At Bethlehem Dental Centre we understand that our dental patients often have a wealth of questions before or after their appointment.

This is one of the most common dental questions that we hear from our Tauranga patients. Most patients, who do not have specific dental care problems, are recommend to book a regular check up with Bethlehem Dental Centre twice a year. Six months is the ideal timeframe, which will help  the expert dentists at Bethlehem Dental Centre can catch and deal with any arising dental problems before they develop and become worse. Bi-annual dental check-ups will also keep the ongoing cost of dental care as low as possible, and will potentially help patients avoid significant procedures in the future.

We recommend all of our clients to have a dental check-up even if they do not feel any discomfort or pain, as some problems like gum disease can lie dormant until they appear as a much larger and costlier problem.

Patients from all over Tauranga often turn to Bethlehem Dental Centre with questions about tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity can be caused by a number of things, however, one of the most common causes behind tooth sensitivity is that the exterior tooth enamel is either worn down, cracked, or exposed. However, tooth sensitivity can also be caused by tooth decay, fractured teeth, abscesses, missing fillings, receding gums, and lack of regular periodontal care.

While the causes of tooth sensitivity are varied and differ from one patient to another, the specialist dentists of Bethlehem Dental Centre have the expertise necessary to single out the cause of sensitivity for each of our Tauranga patient, and will set out the best course of action and treatment.

Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease. In reality, many people across Tauranga do not know that they have disease, as it does not present with any pain or discomfort. While gum disease may seem like an innocuous discomfort, it may degenerate into much more serious problems, as the decay causing the bleeding spreads into the tooth itself.

If gum disease is not addressed early it may lead to more serious issues, requiring more severe treatment.

By scheduling a regular dental check up, our Tauranga patients can ensure that their gum disease can be caught early before the problem worsens, making treatment much easier, cheaper, and comfortable.

Countless people from across Tauranga have told us that they have never visited a dentist since they were 18. It is understandable that as people turn 18 life takes over as people move out of their parents’ house, and move to a flat, or go travelling, go to university, or start working full time. However, even with regular brushing and flossing, it is possible that over the years dental problems may arise, often without the patient even noticing. If the growing problems are ignored for too long the resulting treatment may not be as simple as a filing, but something more severe such as a root canal, implant, crown, or extraction.
The dentists at Bethlehem Dental Centre are often asked by their Tauranga patients about wisdom teeth. In fact, almost every single person in the world has either had their wisdom teeth removed, or has felt the discomfort caused by the wisdom teeth. In reality, many people ignore the pain from their wisdom teeth for too long, risking the chance of tooth decay, gum infection, and inflammation that can spread to the rest of the jaw, and, in very serious cases, airway obstruction.

Even if the wisdom teeth cannot be felt and are causing no pain, the teeth may be “stuck” deep in the jaw bone, potentially causing significant problems in the future.

The specialists at Bethlehem Dental Centre have found that the best course of action for treating wisdom teeth is to take an x-ray of the area surrounding the wisdom teeth to accurately determine the state teeth, and whether they should extracted. Based on the clinical findings the dentists will recommend the course of action to take to minimize discomfort, pain, and lifestyle.

Through years of experience, our dentists can determine whether a child will need braces by the time the baby teeth have come out. The best course of action for any parent is to ask our dentist to assess the development of a child’s teeth at the same time as their regularly scheduled check up.

While Bethlehem Dental Centre does not perform orthodontic work in-house, but we have formed a strong cooperative relationship with an exceptional Tauranga orthodontist who can help our patients with braces.

Both amalgam and composite fillings have their place, and the expert dentists at Bethlehem Dental Centre will chose the filing type based on the patient’s situation.

Amalgam fillings are the older black fillings made from a mixture of mercury and other metals, while composite fillings are a made from a mouldable tooth coloured mixture. Amalgam fillings can be used to fill deep to medium sized cavities. On the other hand, composite fillings are perfect for filling small cavities, and reshaping the tooth, both for cosmetic and health purposes.

In our experience we have found that many people in Tauranga have been treated with the wrong type of filing, and now, a typical mouth will be filled with unsightly black amalgam fillings, large composite fillings, and small amalgam filling in cracked teeth.

The patients of Bethlehem Dental Centre all benefit from the extensive knowledge, judgement and experience of our dentists, who can determine exactly which type of filling suits the patient, taking into account the health of the tooth, the appearance of the tooth, and the structural integrity of the tooth.

While maintaining good oral hygiene habits will help to remove surface stains, the most effective method of improving the colour of teeth is to consult with dentists at Bethlehem Dental Centre.

We offer effective at-home whitening treatments. The dentist will create custom whitening trays by taking moulds of your teeth. This allows the whitening gel to work best by snuggly filling the space between the tray and your tooth surface. You will be given a whitening kit containing whitening gel and care instructions. You will then be able to whiten in the comfort of your own home, as regularly as you like. From our experience, it takes between 2-4 whitening applications to see a noticeable difference. That’s only 2-4 days to get your own camera-ready smile!

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 If you still have any questions or queries about your upcoming dental appointment, or in regards to any of our dental services, please feel free to contact us directly. Our dentists are always happy to address and answer any questions or alleviate any concerns.

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